The Ecology Report-001

Kipling the Ecologist

Rudyard Kipling wrote a number of stories with nature as a
backdrop. His two famous novels are Jungle Book and Kim. Visit this Squidoo
lens and decide for yourself if the great story-teller Rudyard Kipling who grew
up in India was an avid ecologist and environmentalist. In my opinion Kipling loved nature and gave nature a voice through his powerful stories, which have stood the test
of time.

Robin Hood the Eco-Warrior

Robin Hood the fictional character, of myth and legend was possibly an Ecologist with a passion for his land and his one ambition in life was to save his home and his people, from those who would destroy it all.

Global Warming

Global warming is being increased as the natural shields of
the Earth are getting weakened gradually.

Rising Flood Risk for theUK

The UK is facing a rising flood risk and the warning signs are being ignored. The UK could be increasingly vulnerable to expected climate impacts including more floods,
heat-waves and droughts, because the risks are not being taken fully into
account in decisions on areas such as planning and water supplies

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