Paranormal report-002

Social Saucers

A group of people who believe in aliens and unidentified
flying objects met Friday night to discuss the history of UFOs in many places,
particularly New Hampshire.
“Social Saucers” was hosted by Andy Kitt, founder of the Kitt Center
for Consciousness Studies inGreenland.

Lake Baikal-Russia

A UFO video that has emerged from the Irkutsk
region in Russia’s Siberia is making waves on the net. The was purportedly
taken near the mysterious Lake Baikal, where a UFO base
has been rumoured to exist for decades. The video shows a small body of water in
the vicinity of the lake and some tourists in rubber boats.



Italian UFO

The video shows the city of Rome at night. The darkness is broken only by the lights on the exteriors of tall buildings and the numerous blinking and flickering lights attached to an enormous UFO that hovers overhead.
Continue reading on Huge UFO with multiple flickering lights spotted aboveRome, Italy – National unexplained phenomena |

UFO overShanghai

A UFO sighting was recently reported from Shanghai,
the most heavily populated city in the People’s Republic of China.

Continue reading on Kite-shaped UFO over Shanghai was ‘too high to be a kite’
– National unexplained phenomena |


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